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Lab- Analyst (Sonipat- Haryana)

  • Job Title : Lab- Analyst (Sonipat- Haryana)
  • Sector : Healthcare
  • Location : Sonipat / Sonepat
  • Reference Id : DHVS
  • Experience : 1-8
  • No. of Positions : 5
  • Salary : 15k-45k
  • Contact person name & email : Naveen Suryavanshi - recruitdhruvan@gmail.com - careers@versijobservices.com
  • Contact number : 8826845510
  • Additional Information : Dhruvan Services hiring Lab- Analyst

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Job Description

  1. Routine sample of pesticide residues in rice while maintaining TAT by applying 100% RFT.

  2. Excellent knowledge of chromatographic techniques and mass spectroscopy its application at sub ppb levels.

  3. Person should aware with sample preparation techniquelike:

    • Solid phase extractiontechniques

    • Liquid-liquid extractiontechniques

    • Soxhlet extractiontechniques

    • Super critical fluid extractiontechniques

    • Solid phase micro-extractiontechniques

    • Stir-bar sorptive extractiontechniques

    • QuEChERS Extraction techniques

    • Matrices Food and Food Products, Environmental products andpharmaceutical products.

  4. The person should be well versed & updated with PR, HM, MRLs as per US FDA,EU regulation & other nationregulation.

  5. Experience in AMDV of volatiles by HS-GC-MS/MS as per EU exporting guidelines

  6. Hands on experience in handling and execution of IQC, ILC, and PT samples.

  7. Align with senior staff to achieve organizational goals as per his/her KRA.

  8. Maintenance of lab notebook, logbooks and relevant documentation with complete traceability on routine basis.

  9. Daily calibration of instrument allotted like pH meter, balance, conductivity meter etc.

  10. Practice safety as an integral part of routine work and ensure hygiene and cleanliness in his/her work area.

  11. Identification and maintenance of remnant & control samples as per departmental SOP.

  12. Record maintenance for CRMs with details of expiry and keep an alarm before it consumed or expired.

  13. The person should also be capable of interpretation of data with high analyticalability.

  14. Experience of NABL, EIC, APEDA, FSSAI, BIS regulation & testingrequirements.

  15. Performed method validation of pesticide residues, heavy metal as guided by senior staff.

  16. Ensure maintenance and proper uptake ofequipment.

  17. Performing intermediate checks on reference standards as perschedule.

  18. Preparation specification SOPs and relevant documents as well as under takinganalytical method validation and relateddocuments.

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