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Lab Specialist – Organic residues

  • Job Title : Lab Specialist – Organic residues
  • Sector : Healthcare
  • Location : Sonipat / Sonepat
  • Reference Id : DHVS
  • Experience : 1-10
  • No. of Positions : 1
  • Salary : As Per Grid Salary Offer
  • Contact person name & email : Naveen Suryavanshi - recruitdhruvan@gmail.com - careers@versijobservices.com
  • Contact number : 8826845510
  • Additional Information : Lab Specialist – Organic residues

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Job Description

  1. In depth knowledge of chromatographic techniques like TLC, HPLC, GLC & GSC.

  2. Strong aptitude in developing extraction techniques/methods for various food, soil, water matrices for identification and estimation of pesticide residues.

  3. Exhibit innovation, independent thinking, and team work in routine with agility.

  4. Method development with application of QBD techniques in order to maintain analytical method lifecycle focused with polar and non-polar pesticide residues.

  5. Experience in AMDV of volatiles by HS-GC-MS/MS as per EU exporting guidelines .

  6. Apply scientific acumen in interpretation of routine mass spectrometry data from GC-MS/MS & LC-MS/MS

  7. Good understanding of different mass spectrometry filters, ionization techniques and their specific application in method development.

  8. Conversant with method validation guidelines like ICH/AOAC/SANTE and other international regulatory guidelines.

  9. Independently plan pesticide residues analytical method validation as per customer/market specification and execute as team working with junior scientist.

  10. Preparation of analytical method validation protocol, validation reports and analytical method development reports.

  11. Calculation and interpretation for z-scores of ILC/PT programs conducted by national and international bodies.

  12. Excellent knowledge of expanded uncertainty calculation and implementation in various pesticide residue analysis.

  13. Routine sample analysis with 100% RFT to maintaining TAT and ensure confidentiality and impartiality is practiced.

  14. Impart technical training by organizing departmental lectures and other means/tools.

  15. Complete understanding of state, national & international guidelines of SHE like OSHA, NIOSH and other safety guidelines.

  16. Design, implement and maintain QMS for laboratory execution guidelines( ISO IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001) towards a paperless environment.

  17. Conversant with various MRLs of PR in rice and cereals as regulatory bodies like APEDA/EIC/EU/FSSI & NABL guidelines.

  18. Actively faced auditors from NABL/EIC/FSSAI/APEDA/EU and other regulatory bodies a minimum three such audits.

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